Sunday, November 19, 2006

Positive Attitude - Motivate Your Motivation

Can having a positive attitude energize your life? It can and does, daily. Just as the opposite is true. Having a negative outlook enervates your life and you. Why?
What is a positive attitude?
A positive attitude could be described as an outlook on life with expectation that all will be well, all is well. Similarly, a negative attitude is an outlook on life filled with fear and expectation of problems and travail.
A positive attitude then is adjusting your mind to reject negativity in all forms, including negative people, and looking at your daily affairs in only a positive and constructive way. Certainly there will be obstacles and set-backs, failures and disappointments, but someone with a positive attitude thinks of these as stepping stones to success and happiness.
How can a positive attitude energize your life?
As an attitude is an intention, or group of intentions, and thus, thoughts, and being positive ones, they hold energy. A thought is nothing less than intelligent energy. In fact, it is intelligent energy that is the basic constituent of the entire universe. Therefore, by you holding a positive attitude, you in effect attune yourself to a perfect universe. The energy of the universe, no less, is at your disposal.
This energy is used to solve problems, help people, help you be creative, healthy, and most of all happy. You life is full of positive energy if you can maintain a positive attitude.
What is Depression? Can a Positive Attitude Help Alleviate it?
Depression is beginning of illness. Depression is a negative attitude manifesting itself in your life and body. Depression and its cause, a negative attitude, destroy all happiness in your life. It closes the door to opportunity. It brings your energy levels To minimums, and destroys your immune system.
As depression and its cause, a negative attitude is foreign to our basic natures, we seek to banish it with drugs, or alcohol, or other endless external stimuli.
If you could just learn to hold a positive attitude, depression ends the way darkness ends with the dawn or when a light is turned on.
Modern Medicine and Mental Attitude
Today’s medicine and doctor are commercial affairs. Money is made out of human suffering in one way or another. Depression is so endemic to today’s life, that there are countless synthetic solutions; from the easiest anti-depressant, tobacco, to the Most radical, hard drugs.
Could a doctor make any money if he told you just to develop a positive outlook?
Hardly! However, it’s the truth.
Develop a positive attitude and watch your health improve, your financial situation improve, your inter-personal relations improve.
Try it, and see if what we are saying is not correct. Resolve to go one week with no negative thoughts or outlook towards your life. Resolve to go one week with a positive attitude, and look back and see if things did not improve. They will have had to! It’s a universal law…that where the man holds a positive attitude, the power of the entire universe works with him.
“Magic 30 minutes”
You now find yourself faced with two options – give up like you’ve done so many times in the past, or give your motivation a kick in the butt with the “Magic 30 Minutes.”
Don’t let the name fool you. The “Magic 30 Minutes” doesn’t require you to purchase either a rabbit or a hat. Although it’s so simple you’ll feel like you’ve pulled a rabbit out of a hat. The “Magic 30 Minutes” is that 30-minute period between waking and falling asleep, where your mind begins to shift from a waking state, through a light trance state, to a sleeping state. That’s right; you actually go into a light state of hypnosis before going to sleep.
Used effectively, such as reading a pleasant story to children before they sleep, the mind is filled with positive images, which helps promote positive thinking. And, since you’re already in a light state of hypnosis, your subconscious is most suggestible to positive and negative suggestions. Unfortunately, most people use the “Magic 30 Minutes” ineffectively, watching the news before retiring, thus filling their minds with crime, tragedy and fear - very negative suggestions indeed.
So, how can the “Magic 30 Minutes” help motivate your motivation? Simple. Thirty minutes before falling asleep write out positive affirmations to yourself about whatever goal you’d like to achieve, such as “I love my body and will treat it well, like going to the gym or drinking a glass of fresh vegetable juice.” Repeating one’s positive affirmations are good, but since the act of writing involves using many different senses – touch, sight, thought – writing out your affirmations sends an even stronger message to the subconscious, resulting in quicker positive changes.
Utilizing the “Magic 30 Minutes” can work with motivation for any goal, can boost confidence and self-esteem (“every day in every way my confidence grows”), and can even be used to attract prosperity to one’s life (“I am open and receptive to a more prosperous life”). You have no more excuses. Just five minutes of writing affirmations before going to bed can change your life.
Of course, if you’d prefer to move back in with Mom… I didn’t think so.


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