Thursday, February 8, 2007

Effective Leadership In An Organization

Everyone has a unique definition. All the management literature, mythological books and personality development courses contains their idea about this quality. “ It is the quality to lead in such a way so that one can set an ideal example, along with the best possible results and making the best use of all your resources”. Sometimes it is considered as a god-gifted quality. But one can also develop this quality with true hard work, devotion and dedication towards the people and work. There are few qualities on what basis good leadership can be defined.
No books can teach management. When the situation is not under control, an expert handles it with his cleverness by using the power of the capital. When things and people go wrong an expert uses his muscle power to punish or simply he becomes rude and a man of attitude. When all these aren’t working, then comes the mental ability. The brain which is beyond the words. This book is known as the best book to learn management by many experts.
A good leader has the ability to view the broader view or the big picture. He has the vision that can bring his organization and himself up from all others. Devotion, dedication, determination, positive attitude, creativity are few other qualities needed to bring up a good leader. For a successful organization, a proper leadership is a must. No organization can survive without a good leadership. It results in productivity, better outcomes, working culture and atmosphere. It depends on the kinds of people in an organization and even the place.
One should try to bring everyone under one banner to increase the bonding and workability. While achieving the same, he should not forget to differentiate between an average and an outstanding to avoid the decrease in the performance. It sounds so confusing and difficult but the one who can really get it can come out as a winner in the end.


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