Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kaizen Philosophy

Kaizen is a philosophy more than a practice. Its means "making small changes in everyday processes" to boost efficiency.

There are a few key points to remember here.

1) every person or the employee should have a right or should be given the right to propose changes or improvements. And by every i mean CEO to peons and everyone in between.

Often the people who work on the production floor would know if the layout is good, if the flow of material from one place to other is smoother and quicker, the sales guy would know what works in the market and how etc.

so its very essential to tap this "experiential knowledge" from ppl who actually do the job rather than ppl who "THINK" they know the job.

2) The implementors should have an open mind, ears, heart and soul to accept suggestions from ppl. If egos or superiority comes in picture here.. the whole things can backfire

3) not all suggestions r implemented. . suggestions r given thorough thought and feasibility is identified.. that y its said.. making small changes.. small means the ones which can be implemented with no.. or minimal cost.. eg. ergonomical, document format, record keeping styles, ambience maintenance, hygiene maintenance, forstering better relations with suppliers and clients, etc.

4) its very essential to gain the trust of ppl here.. if your company has never done this before and it has a reputation of not "listening" to the employees, you may want to start showing that you "care" but just implementing a few thngs that you know are a concern right nw..

5) in japanese mgmt.. they do not believe in rewards or acknowledgements. . coz ppl r matured to respect each others opinions and suggestions. . so thr is no need.. but i guess we need to add indian flavor to it.. here the only way an employee can feel comfy is when we praise him.. formally or informally..

start with the dept, you knw has the least of the problem.. and then gradually extend the program to the entire of the organisation

In any case .. this is a great initiative.. i wish u all the very best.. and please keep us informed how it shapes out to be..


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