Monday, June 16, 2008

Dressing for a professional image at office

Denims and sneakers just don’t belong to the corporate environment. There is lot of difference between what we would like to wear and what we are expected to wear to work. Lot of firms had introduced casuals on Friday, but the same firms today are not really happy with the idea simply because it’s just not working out. A professional image, appearance and behavior are what matters the most, when you become a part of the corporate world. Remember people can decide ten different things about you in just ten seconds of seeing you. So, it’s very important that you dress up according to the field you are in. Here’s a list of things that can help an employee build a professional image.
A suit coat with long sleeves and slightly padded shoulders can make one look like a corporate person. Avoid pleats and darts since they add bulk. Short men and women should wear shirts with vertical lines with a single breasted jacket.
Every Color has a message of its own. How you put them together sends the message. For instance: shades like black, blue, brown and also white. Dark colors like Black, navy and darker shades of gray in a way indicate power and authority. A lot of people at a higher post mostly prefer wearing these dark colors to work. White is a good choice for a shirt since it connotes clean, formal and sophisticated, while pastels denote softness and femininity.
Clothes need to look as if they were made for the executive wearing it. It’s very important to find the right tailor who can do wonders with a nip here and a tuck there. The right fit really matters a lot. The way an executive dresses up increase self-confidence and add to his presentation. Don’t try and match shoes with dress. Instead match it with the office bag. Stop wearing too loose clothes.
Make sure your accessories are simple and minimal. A nice fancy watch is certainly acceptable. Women can just wear a simple gold or silver bracelet or a chain. Make sure our jewelry complements the outfit in taste and design. Avoid wearing flimsy ear rings. Men, who like wearing studs, just wear a simple diamond stud. Don’t go in for the fancy ones. Go light on the cologne and perfume. This can be a major distraction at work. Remember that the focus should be on the business at hand with minimum distraction.
An executive’s out fit reveals self-confidence: The way you carry yourself contributes greatly to confidence. Your goal is to create an aura of confidence when you walk into a room. So, wear something you feel comfortable in.
Self esteem: Image matters the most. If you wear ill-fitting clothes, in a way you’re showing people a poor sense of self-worth. Image is what helps people understand you better
Confidence: the way you carry yourself contributes greatly to confidence. Our goal is to create an aura of confidence when you walk into a room. Make sure your clothing contributes its part.
Creativity: If your firms permits you to dress up in a bit of casual way that doesn’t mean you wear some funky casual outfit to work.
You could instead express your uniqueness with a special tie and a matching hankie, a scarf or an exquisite piece of jewelry. Maybe your mark will become the special way you tie a scarf or how you find just the right one to complement or coordinate with your suit.
Remember a polished look means being polished from head to toe not just neck to toe.
Things that can ruin professional image:
Pleasant voice and a friendly attitude are characteristics that people respond to positively. If those characteristics are missing no amount of training or grooming will pay up for it.
If you have habit of biting your nails or twisting your hair, keep it under control. It can distract the image you want to portray
Nothing ruins an image more than chewing a gum – if you want to create a professional image stop chewing a gum in public.
Poor posture is a simple mistake that can ruin your image. Learn to sit and stand erect.
No matter how expensive your outfit is, if you don’t attend to your hair or make up it’ll make that outfit look silly. In short presentation (appearance) of self helps in establishing ones image and builds up self confidence. Even an excellent business presentation minus smart appearance gives a poor image of yours to the listeners.


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