Friday, August 1, 2008


1)Decentralization refers to a structured organizational process , including organization design, that encourages decision making closer to the actual place/context/customer, This will help lead to quicker decision making and hence customers can be satisfied/served better and quicker. Delegation of authority/responsibility is a facilitating tool for decentralization to succeed.

Empowerment refers more to the creation of an organizational environment, including design of structure-policies on rewards and recognition etc, which motivates/inspires individual and teams to 'take charge' of the problem ownership/decision making/influencing process, in order to deliver superior service to the customer and other stake holders. Empowerment is not 'empowering others' but about individuals 'empowering themselves' to act.
2) A Group normally refers to a formation, which has come together not necessarily through a structured process but due to common interests etc.

A team is normally a group of people formed together, through a process, for achieving a set purpose and the team could be disbanded after that.

In that sense, a team refers to a more formal group formation

3) Management, normally, refers to the optimization of resources towards an agreed goal/target/result. Great management is about doing the things right and also doing the right things.

Administration, normally, refers to a process where a process/system/policy/procedure is 'administered'- meaning ensuring that the process/system/policy etc is followed and there is no/minimum deviation.


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