Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maintaining Positive State of Mind

Winning the Thought Battle
If you have read my articles or heard me speak, you know that I always come down to action. We need to act if we are going to be successful!

Yet, our success starts long before our actions. In fact, our success begins in our thoughts.

The process is that thoughts become actions and actions produce results. So the equation starts with the thoughts. So the key to success is to start with and control the thoughts that we have. Good thoughts become good actions become good results.

But there is this predicament we have as humans. It is this "battle" we have with our thoughts. Thoughts of depression, negative thoughts, thoughts of fear etc constantly creep into our minds and cause us to act in certain ways that are going to produce the antithesis of the kind we want that will produce success.

So what can we do to win the battle with thoughts? Here are a few main points. Apply these immediately and then constantly and you will be on your way to winning the thought battle.

Guard your mind. Pretend that behind that forehead of yours is a very precious thing your mind because it is precious. If you had a storehouse of gold in your house, you would hire an armed guard to stand watch and keep all the bad guys out. Yet, many of us let any old thing come into our minds.

We need to keep the bad thoughts, the negative thoughts O-U-T! Now when I say this, I mean both the ones that start in our heads and the ones that come from external sources.

Proactively place good thoughts in your head. Just like a garden, where you weed, or pull the bad stuff out, and plant, put the good stuff in, so we do the same thing with our thoughts. Buy tapes and music that will produce good, happy thoughts in your head! Watch TV programs and videos that put good thoughts in your head!

Avoid the naysayer. They are all around you. You work with them, you live near them some are even in your family! Whatever you do, do not let them affect you with their negative thoughts. Spend as little time as you can with them (unless it is your spouse or kids then you need counseling!)

Act on the positive thoughts that you do have. When a positive thought comes into your head, act on it! This will begin to produce a "bridge" between what you think and how you act! This will then make that transition even easier as time goes by!

Four key ideas to win the thought battle:

Guard your mind..
Proactively place good thoughts in your head.
Avoid the naysayer.
Act on the positive thoughts that you do have.

Go forth and Win the Battle!

Go the extra mile. Instead of saying: "Why don't they do something?" Say, "Here's what I'm doing about it." Instead of, "Why me?" Think, "Try me!" Look for rainbows in thunderstorms, and instead of worrying about the icy streets, put on your ice skates. Live out the story of the little boy who bought a new pair of ice skates with his allowance so he could skate on the frozen pond. His mother and father, watching him slide, slip and fall every time he tried to stand up, ran to his rescue, cautioning: "Let's put them away, son, before you get hurt!" The boy continued struggling and replied: "Mom, Dad, I didn't get them to give up with – I got my skates to learn with!" So this week concentrate on doing more than you are asked and contributing more than is required.


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