Thursday, February 22, 2007

Motivate & Inspire Your Workforce

How do you stop the best people from leaving your organisation?
How do you attract the "best people" to your organisation? These are truly worthy individuals who not only support you, but also take the burden of responsibility from you. They make your life easier, inspire your staff and get the job done.
There is only one way to attract people like this to your organisation. The "best people" will only work for entrepreneurs who believe in themselves and have a plan of action.
These are the qualities that you need to hold on to people who can make life easier for you to create your vision:
  1. You must have a positive vision for your company
  2. Turn all negatives into positives and learn from your experience
  3. Plan ahead, forget the mistakes of the past & focus on the future
  4. Delegate all simple tasks, so that you can focus on the greater goals

If you are confident in your abilities, then the right sort of people will gravitate towards you. Only by openly acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses will you complement your team.

Within a short time of someone joining your organisation you will get a gut feeling for them. If you believe that he/she isn't right for you, don't give them time to change. You will be proved right in the long term.

Water the shoots and immediately remove the weeds, so that you can focus on the tasks ahead.

At the end of the day, when you and your colleagues are tired and just before its time to call it a day, sit back, relax & let the conversation take whichever path it chooses.

Remember to relax after the working day has ended. Give some quality to your free time.

Last thing at night, as you lie in your bed, meditate and let your mind flow freely. Go to sleep thinking about the challenges that you faced that day. Often next morning you will wake up with a solution.


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