Sunday, October 19, 2008

7 Killer Ways to Employee Motivation

Have you ever noticed how your top-notched employees have declined in their respective performances? Do you often receive mediocre works and poor task executions? Are you having problems in employee productivity? Well, perhaps this is the right time to assess your company's working environment and determine whether you need to devise an efficient motivational plan. More often than not, the issue of employee motivation is taken for granted. Many are blinded by the idea that high salaries are enough to keep their workers in good condition. The truth of the matter is employees have their own individualistic needs that money cannot possibly compensate. Employee motivation may sound too simplistic, but the lack of energy to work-the lack of interest in performing tasks and extreme boredom can impact the company's growth and development.
Although it is true that establishments can always look for "better" employees, losing highly experienced workers is far more costly than establishing a motivating work atmosphere. Don't let your workforce assets slip into your hands. Learn how to motivate and see your company grow with them. See these employee motivational tips and watch your workers exceed your expectations.
Keep your communication lines open -
Talk to your employees. Develop friendly and corporate relationships with them. Let them know and feel that their views and opinions are welcome in the company. Ask questions. Don't hesitate to know what they feel about their tasks. Be attentive and listen to their suggestions and recommendations. One of the reasons behind the absence of employee motivation is the inability of the management to get in touch to their workers. Oftentimes, communication lapses give an impression that the company does not care about its staff. Always remember that employees are human beings and not machines.
Always observe respect -
It is really hard to be motivated in a work environment when you are treated like a dirt bag. Imagine yourself giving too much effort and time only to be humiliated. A company can never achieve success on its own. It readily needs the help of its highly competent and reliable staff members. In as much as companies respect their clients or customers, the more that they should respect their employees. Be tactful. Say things in a nice and professional manner. Keep in mind that there is major difference between constructive criticisms and plain insults. Give importance to the feelings of other people. Treat your subordinates well.
Learn how to appreciate -
Appreciation should never come only if an employee received a major award. Appreciation should be given even in the simplest accomplishments. Appreciation must be practiced on a daily basis. If there is anything that would make employee motivation, that is no less than appreciation. It boosts the morale of every individual. If they know that they are appreciated even in the simplest things that they have done, the more that they will strive to do more. It will inspire them to contribute more to the company and give their best in every task.
Set good examples - Another way to increase employee motivation is to set good examples. Be strict in following company policies and regulations. Workers have expectations too. In as much as the management expects them to deliver good work, they also expect their co-workers to do the same. If they see that the whole company strives to achieve perfection, employees develop competitiveness. Setting good examples is also a good inspirational source.
Practice equality -
Avoid favoritism. Be fair and just. Do not allow senior and high-ranking officials abuse their power and authority. Everybody should be given equal chances and opportunities fro growth. Sanctions should apply to all, regardless of their position and years of service in the company. Do not judge the person's performance out of petty issues such as educational background, gender and ethnic differences. One sure way to kill motivation is when employees experience bias and discrimination.
Ensure company security -
Security is one thing that many employees look for in a company. When they know that they can establish long-term relationship with the organization, motivation begins. Because the establishment provides security, the more that employees are fired up to give exemplary performances. There is security when the company is well-organized; when salary disputes rarely occur and when there is a good management. Whenever there is security, motivation follows.
Be generous in giving rewards and promotions -
If an employee deserves to be promoted because of good performances; do not hesitate to promote him or her. More often than not, many think that rewards come in the form of salary increase. Although a salary increase is indeed a good reward and a good motivational tool, there are also other ways to compensate employees. For example, a 3-day leave with pay is also a form of reward. A memorable company outing is also a reward. Be creative and think of other ways to recognize the works of your employees.
Employee motivation translates to productivity and competitiveness. Employee motivation benefits not only the employee, but also the company. It fosters a reliable workforce and it ensures a united and cooperative work environment.


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