Thursday, May 28, 2009


I went to one of coffee bars yesterday, the server seemed to be dull and lost.
The coffee bar was bustling with activities and people were coming, drinking and chatting.
I was like usual sitting and sipping my coffee waiting for a friend for an hour before the meeting as I had arrived early for the meeting.

I saw a young man, No offence to him and his company, but I could see he was not motivated and not happy.
He was delivering monotonous coffee to every customer, like another coffee and another job. Coy and introvert, as I have seen in India, they donot barge the personal space. They are afraid to talk to strangers or vice versa.

I ordered sandwich, as I was hungry. The same young man served me.......I had remembered the concept Fish!
and started talking to him life, business, home and job.

My friend came about 5 minutes into my discussion with this little boy, my friend who got quizzed about my behaviour and started looking in distress that I was ignoring him for a server, rather than giving time to our meeting. It was meeting my friend after 3 years on return to India. During the short conversation I had with the young man, I could feel, lack of happiness in job, because of his monotonous job.

After 10 minutes of talking his heart out, he seemed to be in relaxed, buzzing with zoom. My eyes were stuck on him during my 1 hour catch-up old time sake meeting. I could see changed person, the same young man who was serving coffee like dead bowl of red ants, was bouncing from table to table for serving.

The young man was home sick and things were not going so great for him, hence we was planning to quit the job, because of his home sickness, but he seems to changed when he spoke to a stranger.

This motivated me to write to PassionHR, as we HR profs are talking, drinking, sleeping eating, contemplating ways to motivate employees, improve productivity let us just motivate people we meet and see if this helps to put a smile on a face. It would not cost us money! Just a simple smile on each transaction, but dont become transactional on passing smiles. It would be like putting a dead meat on the groused donkey!

So, we in HR can become smiling and prosperity gurus rather management or business gurus, if we can motivate people around us. It is now said, that it is time for knowledge workers, who are bored to death with their routine jobs. I have seen that in Engineering, Retail, IT, Finance, Pharma Industry, let us spread smiles.

Hence as a part of PassionHR, where all HR confluences, can we spread the cheer and motivate people,

What say Mr. Nair on motivational week/month for PassionHR and if you guys have any comments, it will be much appreciated.

Just a thought!

Happy anniversary, hope you have many more!


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