Saturday, June 6, 2009

Your Life is Perfect!

A look at what really matters

There are some days when you may wonder why you bother to wake up, much less get out of bed - we've all been there. Life feels so much less than perfect that we find it hard to bear. But, our sense of duty and responsibility kicks in, and we brave another day. But even in the darkest hours, blessings are abound… There is perfection in everyone's life. If you understand what really matters -you'll find it. Now lavish in it!

Perfection is just an idea, a theory. It represents flawlessness and completion… It is simply a perception. One person's concept of what is perfect can be vastly different from what another person perceives to be perfect. Our eyes may see the details, but it is our hearts and minds that ultimately decide what perfection means.

If you ask a happy person why they are always so annoyingly happy, their answer may surprise you. More often than not, the gist of their glee stems not from anything measurable or material, but from a simple appreciation of life, itself. You can spend your energy struggling over all the things that aren't right in your life, or you can infuse your energy by understanding that you may not have everything you want, just the way you want it, but you probably have more than what you need.

Perfection reflection
It is only when we take the time to look over our lives that we can truly see how some things came to be. Through reflection, most of us will find that we have a lot to be thankful for, and begin to understand how perfect our life really is. Try looking in these eight places first:

1. You. You should always be #1 on your list. The mere fact that you have survived this long is a testament to your own personal perfection. Life is fragile and uncertain, so every day that you are here - be grateful!

2. Your health. Okay, you may not be in perfect condition by scientific standards, but if you are getting through the days, you are doing something right - and creating the opportunity for improvement. How perfect is that?

3. Love. Whether or not you have someone special is secondary to the fact that you are a loving person, or a person capable of giving and receiving love. Even during times of heartbreak, being able to feel so deeply is a gift. It may not always be pleasant, but you can't have great pain without knowing great joy. Be happy that you can feel, and be grateful that you can share those feelings… even if it's just with a friend.

4. Family. Family isn't limited to the humans that share our DNA. The closest of friends and most spoiled pets are family, too. Rejoice in the memories made, with all of your family, and look forward to those yet to come!

5. Friends. People often overlook how many friends they really have, and don't always fully appreciate the friends they count. Know that the mere fact that the discounted and underappreciated will still be around because you are who you are, speaks volumes. In some way, shape, or form - these people see perfection within you.

6. Loss. Most people think that a loss of any kind is an injustice, but often times, people and things are removed from our lives in order to teach us how to embrace something more. Cherish the perfection of every moment with that which brings you joy, because everything changes eventually.

7. Life. Marvel at how a world of such chaos can keep evolving. The flow of the changing seasons, the warmth of the sun, the chill of the wind. Humans and nature always seem to be at odds, and yet somehow we continue to evolve and survive. While the coexistence may not be everyone's ideal, it doesn't make it any less perfect.

8. Memories. Memories, both good and bad, should be cherished. Our ability to pull joy, strength, or understanding from an event that happened however long ago, is simply amazing. So be amazed! And realize that every memory, no matter how it makes us feel is perfect. Because all of our memoreis have led us to this place - today - which is (you guessed it!), perfect!

So instead of spending our energy focusing on what we don't have, or where we want to be, or what bad things happened to us up until this point, let's just sit in the perfection of right now. Realize that each one of us is perfect, as is our lives. Perfection isn't synonymous with easy - it is just the ability to understand what is there, see beyond what is not, and be grateful for the opportunity and experience - of right now!


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